Pamplona Online Slot Rating and reviews

If getting trampled and gored by enraged bulls is your idea of fun, then you should attend the annual Bull Run in Pamplona, Spain. However, if it seems a bit too dangerous/reckless/stupid, you could check out the IGT slot machine Pamplona. It provides the majority of thrills without the danger of being trampled by mad livestock.

Pamplona is a 5-reel slots game that can be played for as little as 0.50 a spin on a PC, Android, or iOS mobile device. Crossing the four rows of symbols are 1,024 distinct ways to win. Bonuses include a wild symbol that increases your win and a free spins phase in which you may choose the volatility of the games.

If you get the ideal combination of symbols and multipliers, you might win $200,000. However, there are other lesser rewards available when the colored symbols appear on the reels. You may play this PC, iPhone, and Android-compatible slot for free on this page, or you can read our unbiased evaluation before attempting to play it at one of our top online slots sites.

Pamplona Slot Settings and Controls

We will disregard the morality of bullrunning and bullfighting in general. Let’s simply appreciate the Pamplona online casino slot for what it is: an attractive, user-friendly game. IGT has assured that Pamplona has an appropriate wager level for you, whether you are a total beginner to slot machines or have been playing them for years.

The bet ranges from 0.50 to 1,000, but you always play with 50 coins and merely alter the coin value to fit your budget. Pamplona pays off when three or more symbols fall in any position on adjacent reels from left to right, as opposed to slots where symbols must land on predetermined paylines.

Open the paytable by clicking on the tab below the reels to see the number of coins won for each conceivable combination. You may also see how the numerous bonus rounds are activated, including the unique free games with volatility settings.

Pamplona has been accessible at land-based casinos for some time, and lovers of the game will be glad to learn that it is now available to play for real money on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Pamplona Gameplay And Extra Options

A massive bullring rises up behind the reels of the Pamplona online slot, while Mariachi music plays in the background to give this game a Latin flavor. Richly ornamented symbols such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A give out lesser payouts when they appear on adjacent reels.

The higher-paying symbols are all related to the theme, and include crimson capes, flower garlands, swords, and the unlucky bull. The Matador is a wild symbol that may substitute for others to make winning combinations, however he cannot appear on the rightmost reel and has no value on its own. In actuality, though, the Matador tends to complete many more combos, and the greatest part is that he doubles the basic value of each line he assists.

Another bull is the unique scatter symbol that triggers the free spins feature when it appears at least three times. These are unlike conventional spins since, before to their commencement, you have the choice of selecting from four distinct bonus game and win multiplier combinations. You might have up to 30 free games with winnings increased by up to three times, or 20 free spins with wins multiplied by up to five times.

Other possibilities include 15 games with multipliers of up to 10x, 10 games with winnings multiplied by up to 15x, and 5 free spins with wins multiplied by up to 20x the normal rate. However, they are maximum multipliers, so you may not always get the best result.

Nonetheless, a 20x multiplier at any time will result in enormous winnings, and the fact that you may choose from a variety of free games is a genuine feature of the Pamplona slot machine.

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